Update – Up North

Ok, have done loads of work on this (and my Mutator project) over the past two weeks. Contacted and followed up all my previous emails. Sent Personal Information Sheet to prospective participants. Finished all the ethics paperwork and submitted it to the university (lots of paperwork). Spoke about my project with a number of the CMTT group – the others and my tutor (Robin) seemed to react in a positive way regarding my ideas.

Have taken a week of work and now (Yay, COVID allowing) travelled up to Manchester to carry out interviews. Note, this is a little rushed – and has left me needing to try and get hold of an extra microphone. Alongside this have Arranged 2 interviews for the upcoming week (Weds and Thurs), and emailed the studios at Salford University re: a room/studio to record the podcast in. Also, with Robins help have group emailed (Blackboard) the MA cohort requesting anyone interested in participating contact me.

Will talk to Grippa on the phone and arrange a time to interview him – as well as other professional musicians.


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