CMTT diary

I have created this WordPress Blog/website intending to keep a log of sorts – tracking the work and progress of my Community Music Theories and Techniques project, a part of my MA studies (Music) @ Salford University. Based on a love of ‘Studs Terkel’s verbatim writing and the rising prominence of the “podcast” as a medium of long-form discussion, I hope to carry out a series of recorded conversations with a broad range of subjects connected to music such as musicians, producers, creators, etc. 

Ideally, in so far as is possible, these conversations will be presented as ‘unedited’ (Terkel-like) audio recordings (possibly video/Youtube), allowing for both broad, and simultaneously focused analysis. Thus, I intend the discussion/s to remain informal and conversational in tone and aim to tie individual episodes of the podcast together with recurring themes centered around meaning, culture, perception, emotion, practice, creativity, and mental health.

So, what about the community aspect of this project? Who might benefit from such conversations (apart from myself), and which community is it aimed at? – I will write about that later…

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